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Reido [2011] Minus Eleven

Reido [2011] Minus Eleven
Band: Reido
Year: 2011
Album: Minus Eleven
Style: doom / sludge metal
Format: CD
Label: Slow Burn Records
Cat. N: BURN 013-11
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


The second long-awaited album from a Belarusian band after a five-years–long pause lasted since the debut album «F:\all»! At the new album called «Minus Eleven» the band progresses from apocalyptic funeral doom metal towards sludge doom metal with math metal rhythmics. Special attention was paid to sound: the musicians worked hard on it in order to provide the listener with extreme and powerful material in its primordial form. «Minus Eleven» expresses the idea of asociality, estrangement from the world and reality as a whole. Violence tendency, depression, misanthropy, recognition of life senselessness: all these elements are the parts of Reido world-view which were expressed in their music and it will surely suit the fans of extreme doom metal.


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