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Viter [2010] Dzherelo

Viter [2010] Dzherelo
Группа: Viter
Год: 2010
Альбом: Dzherelo
Стиль: black metal
Формат: MCD in Slipcase
Лейбл: Casus Belli
Cat. N: CBM 008CD
250.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


VITER was formed in spring of 2010, although the band members were not newcomers in music, and each of them had musical experience obtained in famous groups (Dragobrath, Capitollium, Ruina, Kroda, Apostate, Leadhaze, Ambivalence). Immediately after the formation the band started active work, and, as a result, a mini-album "Dzherelo" was recorded in the beginning of summer, 2010. VITER is the music inspired by the greatness of Carpathian Mountains, it is their voice reflected in every note, in every sound. Tunes of VITER are saturated with fragrance of highland grasses, mountain spring-well water, winds bearing forest coldness. Soil and Air, Fire and Water have merged together on this debut mini-album. Listen to the song of Elements, hark to their voice, feel the Power of the Spring-Well!



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