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Udumbal [2011] From Beyond MXMVIII-MMVIII

Udumbal [2011] From Beyond MXMVIII-MMVIII
Группа: Udumbal
Год: 2011
Альбом: From Beyond MXMVIII-MMVIII
Стиль: ambient black metal
Формат: 4xCD Box
Лейбл: Possession
Cat. N: PS44
800.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


Box contains previously unreleased albums: "Iaf Sabaf" (Beast of the Abyss) 1998-2001 "Sarva Harah" (Devouring) 2001-2003 "Bahih Samsthitim" (Infinite Death) 2005 "Janua Inferni" (The Gates of Hell), 2006-2008 All the albums have been remastered and fully reproduced in 2010-2011. Each album included booklets with lyrics and special images. Three different designer worked on the creation of booklets artwork. One of them is Horth (KARNA). UDUMBAL is a project of Voist Angiras who also known for his work in such projects as PRAGNAVIT, MOBAS, NOLUNTAS and GUSZCZAR. UDUMBAL performs ritual and deep dark music that named as the Left Hand Path Art style. By the uniqueness of the atmosphere UDUMBAL can be compared with ENDVRA, MORDOR, BEHERIT, EQUIMANTHORN and RAISON D'ETRE. Without trying to be someone's copy and not going in the wake of fashion trends for departed quire years UDUMBAL could crystallize completely recognizable musical style and create a truly monumental occult masterpiece. Many people wait gor this release for a very long time. We do not see this is one as the problem - such works have no limitation period, because their source is outside of time. UDUMBAL's music as well suited for the dark other-worldly atmosphere, for aghoric meditations, and just for the serious intellectual work. This box was released in two versions - a standard plastic box and limited custom leather package, which is supplemented by Voist Angras personal vision of essence / message for each album.



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