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Therm.Eye.Flame [2003] Solar Nebula

Therm.Eye.Flame [2003] Solar Nebula
Группа: Therm.Eye.Flame
Год: 2003
Альбом: Solar Nebula
Стиль: modernized black metal
Формат: CD
Лейбл: More Hate
Cat. N: MHP 03-018
150.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


Modernized Black Metal is a change of classical themes, conceptions and sound of Black Metal. It's a musical platform consisting of dominating part of pure black metal with micro & macro sprincles in the bulk of Industrial, Ambient, Noise and their products. Music is soaked with the spirit of futurism. Urbanism, the cosmos, pain, paranoia... that is the meaning of M.B.M. by eyes of T.E.F. Solar Nebula is much more orthodox, speedy and depressive then Spherical. Eight tracks will plunge you into conceptual black metal, noise ambient vortex lasting about 40 minutes.

Malice, hatred, paranoia, death, fear, cosmic coldness - are far not the end of terms characterizing the second album of THERM. EYE. FLAME. The cold aggression as this is still grim stuff in the style of DARKTHRONE, KHOLD etc. although some intelligent song writing reminds of later SATYRICON. 100% guaranty for all the fans of qualitative, gloomy Nordic Black metal sound with a little influence of electronics



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