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Shadow Cut [2005] Pictures Of Death

Shadow Cut [2005] Pictures Of Death
Группа: Shadow Cut
Год: 2005
Альбом: Pictures Of Death
Стиль: black death metal
Формат: CD
Лейбл: Firebox
Cat. N: FIRECD023
500.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


In an age where the process of producing music is more or less synthetic and often times almost literally computer generated, Finland’s Shadow Cut emerge with a sound that is naturally devastating. The three-piece, composed of members from Moonsorrow and Impaled Nazarene, have unleashed an organic debut that embraces the days of old and touches on the present. Aiding them in their first deadly strike is Firebox Records, whom picked up the band for a pair of releases, Pictures Of Death being effort number one on the label. Shadow Cut flawlessly breach the boundaries of any singular classification, creating something modernly classic and classically modern, yet all their own. Pictures Of Death distills a broad array of deep rooted black and death metal styles from all ends of the dark art spectrum, dispensing an incapacitating concoction that is murderous and merciless through and through. Wielding nine misanthropic mini-massacres, Pictures Of Death paints a punishing portrait of mankind’s demise. “My Sweet Cult” drags you down in the violent blackened thrash undertow as it blast beats your ass to a bloody pulp while you’re then buried alive by brutal grooves on “The End Of Humanity”. Akin to old school Death death, circa 1988, the title track holds a stunning semblance to the influential Leprosy. You just can't go wrong! With cover art imagery depicting a slain lass lying in the snow, wearing no more than her own blood from an imposed throat injury, it is very clear that not even women and children are safe from the full-frontal assault that is Shadow Cut. Run for your life or stay for your death metal.



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