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Scent Of Flesh [2005] Become Malignity

Scent Of Flesh [2005] Become Malignity
Группа: Scent Of Flesh
Год: 2005
Альбом: Become Malignity
Стиль: death metal
Формат: MCD
Лейбл: Firebox
Cat. N: FIRECD031
500.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


“Valor In Hatred” was an album I reviewed some time ago from this act from Finland. Their sound wasn’t typical Scandinavian, but much more American death metal orientated. Their new MCD hasn’t changed much. “Become Malignancy” is again an album that reminds you of especially Deicide. Also the vocals of Niko Anokas have a lot of comparison with Glen Benton. This new MCD contains 4 tracks with a clocking time of 20 minutes and is recommendable to all people who like music as I just described before.



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