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Irmologion [2005] Dynatos

Irmologion [2005] Dynatos
Группа: Irmologion
Год: 2005
Альбом: Dynatos
Стиль: dark ambient
Формат: Digi CD in Slipcase
Лейбл: RAIG
Cat. N: R009
450.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 125 g


"Dynatos" is the original Greek word which means loud, mighty, possible, potent, potential, powerful, robust, strong, vigorous… Though this term was often used in Byzantium legal manuscripts dated to IX-X centuries to define big land-lords or significant persons in imperial ecclesiastical hierarchy, there is a hypothesis that a major criteria of belonging to dynatos was not property itself but enormous temporal and spiritual power which one had got from hands of the Lord. This work should be percept as a sermon on what a person is able to do but chooses not to do, on what is possible for humans to do but they don’t want to do, and on what is impossible for them to do even if they want to choose it. The anonymous masters choose to preach in the language of electro-acoustic music instead of the language of words which mean nothing in the tempted world. (1 track - 77 min.) CD wrapped up in a gorgeous silk brocade comes in a book bound case (Ltd x350).



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