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Ennui [2015] Falsvs Anno Domini

Ennui [2015] Falsvs Anno Domini
Band: Ennui
Year: 2015
Album: Falsvs Anno Domini
Style: funeral doom death
Format: CD
Label: Solitude Productions
Cat. N: SP. 111-15
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


Falsus Anno Domini - is the third full-length album of the Georgian funeral doom/death metal band Ennui. This album puts the listener between the hammer and anvil and dive into hopeless despair and hear the cold rage of the heavy guitars sound. 
Falsus Anno Domini (in translation from Latin "The Liars Of Our Age") is a kind of appeal to all humanity, which stands on the edge of precipice in front of self-destruction, without any will to open its eyes and stare into the abyss. This album is about ignorance and madness which are crowned by man, about shameless lies and enslavement by fear. Unlike its predecessor, you can find this album very aggressive and rigurous. Musicians rationally mixed the usual ingredients for all doom themes with heavy and viscid death riffs, but the melody of compositions and colorful long progressive solos inherent to Ennui weren't lost. 
From 2015 Ennui is no longer a duo since the third member - Daniel Neagoe joined the band as constant participant. Daniel is known in wider circles as leader of bands like Eye Of Solitude, Clouds, Deos and more. In Ennui Daniel professionally performs the role of drummer. Also there are guest members invited to participate in records of the new album: Greg Chandler (Esoteric) - vocals, Don Zaros (Evoken) - keyboards, Sameli Köykkä (Colosseum) - lyrics for "The Stones Of The Timeless", AKiEzor (Comatose Vigil, Abstract Spirit) - lyrics for "No Home Beneath The Stars". 
Album includes 6 monolithic compositions recorded at AOD Records (Tbilisi) and D-Studio (London). All the mastering and mixing are provided by Daniel Neagoe at D-Studio from July to August 2015.
Falsus Anno Domini - is a kind of manifest of the will and appeals to mankind to have its opinion in the surrounding world of lies. This is not a tale of sorrow and life experiences, but it's rather a slap in the face to humans who drown in their own fears. It's like a spit in the face of all miserable dissemblers and false pretenders, who lead our world to a doomed collapse.


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