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Dagor Dagorath [2009] Yetzer Ha'Ra

Dagor Dagorath [2009] Yetzer Ha'Ra
Band: Dagor Dagorath
Year: 2009
Album: Yetzer Ha'Ra
Style: sympho black metal
Format: CD
Label: More Hate
Cat. N: MHP 09-063
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


Russian release of DAGOR DAGORATH full length album "Yetzer Ha'Ra” which was recorded in 2008!

"Yetzer Ha'Ra” presents a great masterpiece of symphonic black metal with some touch of death metal and pagan folk metal. Album consists of 7 songs: The Hell in Heaven, The Devil On The Chain, Heaven in Hell, The Maze Of Madness, Vicious Circle, The Call, Wind Cry.

Sound engineering was made by Miko at Metal sound Studios (AEBA, Necrodaemon, Whorecore). Graphics were made by the infamous graphic designer Seth Siro Anton (SEPTIC FLESH, MOOONSPELL, VADER, BELPHEGOR и PARADISE LOST).


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