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Amederia [2014] Unheard Prayer

Amederia [2014] Unheard Prayer
Band: Amederia
Year: 2014
Album: Unheard Prayer
Style: gothic doom metal
Format: CD
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Cat. N: BMM. 070-14
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


The six-years-long silence of the band interwoven with the threads of many listeners’ tedious waiting is now interrupted. Now you can listen to and enjoy the new creation of Amederia, the album titled «Unheard Prayers».

A new look, a new sensation embodied in music are reflected in eight compositions which will stay and a bright flashes in your memory. Close your eyes to see the new colors painting the canvas, transforming it attracting your attention until the very last moment. Under inspiration by music your imagination will interweave the routine with the history and mythology of the forgotten ages. The album «Unheard Prayers», just like life itself, is made of deep metaphors and evident truth.

Despite the long silence and troubles which the band had overcome Amederia kept attractiveness for the fans and their new album will allow to enjoy an outstanding Gothic Doom Metal filled with inexplicable charm.



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