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Alley [2013] Amphibious

Alley [2013] Amphibious
Band: Alley
Year: 2013
Album: Amphibious
Style: progressive death metal
Format: CD
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Cat. N: BMM. 059-13
In stock: yes
Weight: 125 g


The second long-awaited album by the Russian extreme band famous for its debut album as successors of early Opeth! Besides professional approach to songwriting, performance and perfect sound, this time the musicians demonstrate original ideas which became the own face of the band. Progressive death metal demonstrated at «Amphibious» is impressive, diverse and emotional in addition to intellectual refinement which is the essential feature of Alley. The album is strongly recommended to fans of early Opeth and Daylight Dies, as well as all fans of extreme metal music.


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