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Product name Style Format Label Cat. N In stock Price
Solitude Productions
A Dream Of Poe [2015] An Infinity Emergedgothic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 110-15In stock$9.00
A Dream Of Poe [2015] An Infinity Emerged [Digipack]gothic doom deathDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 110-15DIn stock$12.00
A Dream Of Poe [2016] A Waltz For Apopheniagothic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 121-16In stock$10.00
Abske Fides [2012] Abske Fidesdark doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 060-12In stock$9.00
Abstract Spirit [2008] Liquid Dimensions Changefuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 018-08Out of stock$10.00
Abstract Spirit [2009] Tragedy And Weedsfuneral doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 031-09In stock$9.00
Abstract Spirit [2011] Horror Vacuifuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 046-11In stock$9.00
Abstract Spirit [2013] Theomorphic Defectivenesshorror funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 072-13In stock$10.00
Amily [2012] To All In Gravesgothic doom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 067-12In stock$5.00
Apotelesma [2017] Timewrought Kingsdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 129-17In stock$10.00
Astral Sleep [2008] Unawakeningavantgarde doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 021-08In stock$9.00
Astral Sleep [2010] Angeldoom deathMCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 039-10In stock$8.00
Astral Sleep [2012] Visionsdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 066-12In stock$10.00
Autumnia [2009] O'Funeraliafuneral doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 024-09In stock$10.00
Autumnia [2015] Two Faces Of Autumn [Digipack 2xCD]melodic doom deathDigi 2xCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 098-15In stock$14.00
Calliophis [2017] Cor Serpentisdoom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 123-17In stock$10.00
Camel Of Doom [2016] Terrestrialextreme doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 113-16In stock$10.00
Comatose Vigil [2006] Narcosis EP [Digipak]monolith funeral doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 009-06DIn stock$10.00
Comatose Vigil [2011] Fuimus, Non Sumus… [Digipak]funeral doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 050-11In stock$12.00
Crypt Of Silence [2014] Beyond Shadesdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 085-14In stock$8.00
Crypt Of Silence [2016] Awareness Ephemeradoom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 122-16In stock$10.00
Doom:VS [2006] Aeternum Valemelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 132-18In stock$10.00
Doom:VS [2006] Aeternum Vale [Digipak]melodic doom deathDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 132-18DIn stock$12.00
Doom:VS [2014] Earthlessmelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 088-14In stock$11.00
Doomed [2012] In My Own Abyssdeath doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 068-12In stock$10.00
Doomed [2014] Our Ruin Silhouettesdeath doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 087-14In stock$10.00
Doomed [2015] Wrath Monolithdeath doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 103-15In stock$10.00
Doomed [2015] Wrath Monolith [Digipak]death doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 103-15DOut of stock$13.00
Doomed [2016] Annadeath doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 117-16In stock$10.00
Dryom [2015] Dryom 2funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 100-15In stock$9.00
Ea [2006] Ea Taesseepic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 010-06Out of stock$10.00
Ea [2009] Ea IIepic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 026-09In stock$10.00
Ea [2010] Au Ellaiepic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 033-10In stock$10.00
Ea [2012] Eaepic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 055-12In stock$10.00
Ea [2014] A Etillaepic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 081-14Out of stock$10.00
Ekklesiast [2005] Coldmelodic death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 003Out of stock$9.00
Ekklesiast [2008] …When The Dead Boughs Will Awake From The Dreamsmelodic death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 020-08In stock$5.00
Embrace Of Silence [2012] Leaving The Place Forgotten By Goddoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 061-12In stock$8.00
Ennui [2015] Falsvs Anno Dominifuneral doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 111-15In stock$10.00
Et Moriemur [2014] Ex Nihilo In Nihilumdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 094-14In stock$9.00
Evadne [2012] The Shortest Wayatmospheric death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 057-12In stock$10.00
Evadne [2017] A Mother Named Deathatmospheric death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 126-17In stock$10.00
Evadne [2017] A Mother Named Death [Digipak]atmospheric death doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 126-17DIn stock$12.00
Everlasting [2013] March Of Timefuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 077-13In stock$8.00
Evoke Thy Lords [2013] Drunken Talespsychedelic doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 071-13In stock$8.00
Evoke Thy Lords [2015] Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar!psychedelic doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 099-15In stock$8.00
Evoke Thy Lords [2017] Lifestoriespsychedelic doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 124-17In stock$10.00
Evoken [2006] Embrace The Emptinesscult funeral death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 008-06Out of stock$12.00
Fallen [2015] Fallen [Digipack]epic funeral doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 107-15In stock$12.00
Fangtooth [2011] Fangtoothtraditional doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 044-11In stock$8.00
Frailty [2008] Lost Lifeless Lightsdark doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 019-08In stock$10.00
Frowning [2014] Funeral Impressionsfuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 095-14Out of stock$11.00
Funeral [2011] To Mourn Is A Virtue [Digibook CD]cult doom metalDigibook CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 048-11DIn stock$12.00
Funeral [2015] In Fields Of Pestilent Grief [Digipack]cult funeral doom deathDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 106-15In stock$12.00
Gloomy Sunday [2007] Beyond Good And Evilstoner sludge doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 011-07In stock$5.00
Graveflower [2012] Returning To The Primary Sourcedoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 059-12In stock$8.00
Grieving Age [2013] Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obsequydeath doom2xCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 078-13In stock$11.00
Heavy Lord [2006] From Cosmos To Chaossludge doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 004In stock$5.00
Heavy Lord [2007] Chained To The Worldsludge doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 016-07Out of stock$7.00
Heavy Lord [2009] The Holy Grailsludge doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 027-09In stock$5.00
Heavy Lord [2011] Balls To Alldoom / sludgeCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 047-11In stock$5.00
Helllight [2010] …And Then, The Light Of Consciousness Became Hell…funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 043-10In stock$9.00
Helllight [2012] Funeral Doom / The Light That Brought Darknessfuneral death doom2xCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 054-12In stock$11.00
HellLight [2013] No God Above, No Devil Belowdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 075-13In stock$10.00
HellLight [2015] Journey Through Endless Stormsdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 108-15In stock$10.00
Howling Void, The [2010] Shadows Over The Cosmossymphonic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 034-10In stock$10.00
Howling Void, The [2012] The Womb Beyond The World [Digipak]symphonic funeral doomDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 065-12Out of stock$13.00
Howling Void, The [2013] Nightfallsymphonic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 080-13In stock$10.00
Inborn Suffering [2012] Regression To Nothingnessmelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 062-12In stock$10.00
Inborn Suffering [2012] Wordless Hope (re-release)melodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 063-12In stock$10.00
Intaglio [2005] Intagliodepressive funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 002In stock$6.00
Lachrimatory [2014] Transientatmospheric funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 090-14In stock$10.00
Lorelei [2017] Teni Octyabrya (Shadows Of October)melodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 131-17In stock$9.00
Luna [2014] Ashes To Ashessymphonic funeral death / doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 089-14In stock$8.00
Luna [2015] On The Other Side Of Lifesymphonic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 104-15In stock$9.00
Luna [2017] Swallow Me Leaden Skysymphonic epic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 130-17In stock$9.00
Majestic Downfall / Ansia [2007] Split CDdoom death / avantgarde doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 015-07In stock$5.00
Mare Infinitum [2011] Sea Of Infinityatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 053-11In stock$8.00
Mare Infinitum [2015] Alien Monolith Godatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 101-15In stock$9.00
Mental Torment [2013] On The Verge...doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 070-13In stock$8.00
Mesmur [2017] Sfuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 127-17In stock$10.00
Mose [2008] Halfway To Nowheresludge doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 023-08In stock$5.00
My Lament [2009] Broken Leafdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 028-09In stock$8.00
Narrow House [2012] A Key To Panngriebatmospheric funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 064-12In stock$8.00
Night Of Suicide [2011] Desirefuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 045-11Out of stock$9.00
Nox Aurea [2009] Via Gnosisdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 030-09Out of stock$12.00
Obsidian Sea [2012] Between Two Desertstraditional doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 058-12In stock$5.00
Ocean Of Sorrow [2005] Mystery Of Winterdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 001Out of stock$12.00
Oktor [2014] Another Dimension Of Paindoom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 096-14In stock$10.00
Ophis [2010] Withered Shadesdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 035-10In stock$10.00
Ordog [2016] The Grand Walldoom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 120-16In stock$10.00
Orphans Of Dusk [2015] Revenant EPdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 102-15In stock$8.00
Painful Memories [2006] Memorial To Sufferingdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 007Out of stock$10.00
Quercus [2016] Heart With Breadfuneral doomCDSolitude Productions / Moscow Funeral LeagueSP. 115-16 / MFL 015In stock$10.00
Reido [2006] F:\allapocalyptic funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 005Out of stock$10.00
Restless Oblivion [2014] Sands Of Timedoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 086-14In stock$8.00
Revelations Of Rain [2007] Marble Shades Of Despairmelodic death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 013-07Out of stock$11.00
Revelations Of Rain [2009] Revelations Of Raindoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 025-09In stock$10.00
Revelations Of Rain [2010] Emanation Of Hatreddark doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 038-10In stock$10.00
Revelations Of Rain [2013] Deceptive Virtuedark doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 079-13In stock$10.00
Revelations Of Rain [2016] Akrasiadark doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 118-16In stock$10.00
S:t Erik [2009] From Under The Tarnpsychedelic doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 029-09In stock$5.00
Self-hatred [2016] Theiaatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 116-16In stock$10.00
Septic Mind [2010] The Beginningextreme funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 040-10In stock$8.00
Septic Mind [2011] The True Callextreme funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 051-11In stock$9.00
Septic Mind [2014] Rabavantgarde funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 091-14In stock$9.00
Shattered Hope [2010] Absencedoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 042-10In stock$10.00
Shattered Hope [2014] Waters Of Letheatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 084-14In stock$10.00
Shattered Hope [2014] Waters Of Lethe [Digipak]atmospheric doom deathDigi CDSolitude ProductionsSP. 084-14DOut of stock$13.00
Soijl [2015] Endless Elysian Fieldsatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 109-15In stock$10.00
Soijl [2017] As The Sun Sets On Lifeatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 125-17In stock$10.00
Somnolent [2008] Monochromes Philosophyfuneral doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 022-08In stock$5.00
Sorrowful Land [2016] Of Ruins…atmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 119-16In stock$10.00
Sorrowful [2015] In The Rainfalldeath doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 105-15In stock$9.00
Stangala [2011] Boued Tousek Hag Traou Mat Alldoom / stonerCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 052-11In stock$10.00
Station Dysthymia [2013] Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Outextreme funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 074-13In stock$9.00
Stoned Jesus [2010] First Communionstoner doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 037-10In stock$10.00
Sullen Route, The [2010] Madness Of My Own Designdeath doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 036-10In stock$5.00
Tales Of Dark [2006] Fragile Monumentsdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 006Out of stock$8.00
Tears Of Mankind [2008] Silent Veil Of My Doomdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 017-08In stock$6.00
Torrens Conscientium [2014] All Alone With The Thoughtsatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 092-14In stock$8.00
Undergrave Experience, The [2011] Macabre – Il Richiamo Delle Ombrefuneral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 049-11In stock$8.00
V/A [2009] Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute To Thergothondoom / black / ambient2xCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 032-09Out of stock$12.00
V/A [2015] Solitude Vaults: 10 Years of Doomdoom deathCardboard Sleeve CDSolitude ProductionsSP. XIn stock$4.00
Vin De Mia Trix [2013] Once Hidden From Sightatmospheric doom deathCDSolitude Productions / Hypnotic DirgeSP. 076-13 / HDR 033In stock$9.00
When Nothing Remains [2012] As All Torn Asundermelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 056-12In stock$10.00
When Nothing Remains [2013] Thy Dark Serenitymelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 073-13In stock$10.00
When Nothing Remains [2016] In Memoriammelodic doom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 114-16In stock$10.00
Who Dies In Siberian Slush [2010] Вitterness Of The Years That Are Lostfuneral death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 041-10In stock$9.00
Who Dies In Siberian Slush [2012] We Have Been Dead Since Long Agofuneral death doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 069-12In stock$9.00
Wijlen Wij [2014] Coronachs Of The Oatmospheric funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 083-14In stock$10.00
Wijlen Wij [2014] Coronachs Of The O [Digipak]atmospheric funeral doomCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 083-14DIn stock$13.00
Without God [2014] Circus Of Freaksstoner / sludge doom metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 093-14In stock$8.00
Woe Unto Me [2014] A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulnessdoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 082-14In stock$10.00
Woe Unto Me [2017] Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed [2xCD]doom death2xCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 128-17In stock$13.00
Woebegone Obscured [2014] Deathscape MMXIV EPfuneral doom death metalCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 097-14In stock$8.00
Womb [2015] Deception Through Your Liedoom deathCDSolitude ProductionsSP. 112-15In stock$9.00
BadMoodMan Music
(EchO) [2011] Devoid Of Illusionsdark metal / doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 047-11In stock$10.00
(EchO) [2016] Head First Into Shadowsmelodic death / doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 077-16In stock$10.00
Adfail [2014] Is It A Gamegothic doom metalCDBadMoodMan Music / DarknagarBMM. 071-14 / DNR 024:In stock$8.00
Alley [2008] The Weedprogressive death metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 017-08In stock$5.00
Alley [2013] Amphibiousprogressive death metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 059-13In stock$6.00
Amber Tears [2010] The Key To Decemberpagan / doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 040-10In stock$9.00
Amber Tears [2012] Revelation Of Renounced (re-release)pagan / doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 053-12In stock$9.00
Amederia [2014] Unheard Prayergothic doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 070-14In stock$8.00
As Light Dies [2010] Ars Subtilior From Within The Cageprogressive dark / death metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 032-10In stock$5.00
Aut Mori [2012] Pervaja Sleza Osenigothic doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 055-12In stock$8.00
Beheaded Zombie [2009] Happiness For Alltechnical death metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 024-09In stock$4.00
Benighted In Sodom [2010] Hybrid Parasite Evangelisticadepressive blackCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 038-10In stock$6.00
Benighted In Sodom [2011] Reverse Baptismdepressive black metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 042-11In stock$6.00
Cebren-Khal [2010] A Mass Of Despairblack doom / dark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 035-10Out of stock$11.00
Darktrance [2008] Ghosts In The Shellsdark metal / depressive blackCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 012-08In stock$5.00
Darktrance [2009] Beyond The Gates Of Insanitydark metal / depressive blackCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 023-09In stock$5.00
Darktrance [2013] Pessimumdark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 058-13In stock$5.00
Edenian [2012] Winter Shadesgothic doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 051-12Out of stock$8.00
Edenian [2013] Rise Of The Nephilimgothic doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 066-13In stock$8.00
Floodstain [2007] Dreams Make Monstersstoner rockCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 009-07In stock$5.00
Floodstain [2010] Slave To The Self Feeding Machinestoner rockCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 037-10In stock$5.00
Grimfaith [2013] Preacher Creaturegothic metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 060-13In stock$5.00
Helevorn [2010] Forthcoming Displeasures [Digipak]dark metalDigi CDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 028-10Out of stock$12.00
Helevorn [2014] Compassion Forlorndark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 069-14In stock$10.00
Immensity [2016] The Isolation Splendouratmospheric doom death metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 074-16In stock$10.00
In Loving Memory [2011] Negation Of Lifemelodic death / doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 048-11In stock$10.00
Kamlath [2011] Stronger Than Frostdark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 041-11In stock$8.00
Kauan [2007] Lumikuuroatmospheric dark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 004-07Out of stock$10.00
Kauan [2008] Tietajan Laulu [Digipak]atmospheric dark metalDigi CDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 016-08Out of stock$15.00
Kauan [2009] Aava Tuulen Maaatmospheric dark rockCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 026-09Out of stock$12.00
Letargy Dream [2006] Fragments Of Memoryatmospheric doom death metalPro CDR in DVD BoxBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 001Out of stock$12.00
Letargy Dream [2008] 2doom death / dark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 018-08In stock$5.00
Letargy Dream [2010] Heliopolisprogressive metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 034-10In stock$5.00
Lorelei [2013] Ugrjumye Volny Studenogo Morjagothic doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 062-13In stock$9.00
Marche Funebre [2017] Into The Arms Of Darknesseclectic doom death / black metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 079-17In stock$10.00
Morningside, The [2016] Yellowmelancholic metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 076-16In stock$10.00
Morningside, The [2007] The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Pastatmospheric black doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 006-07In stock$9.00
Morningside, The [2009] Moving Crosscurrent Of Timemelancholic dark metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 025-09In stock$9.00
Morningside, The [2011] TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) [Digipak]melancholic dark metalDigi CDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 044-11In stock$10.00
Morningside, The [2014] Letters From The Empty Townsmelancholic metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 068-14In stock$10.00
Mournful Gust [2008] The Frankness Evegothic doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 011-08Out of stock$10.00
Mournful Gust [2010] She's My Grief… Decadegothic doom death2xCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 033-10In stock$8.00
Mournful Gust [2013] For All The Sinsgothic doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 064-13In stock$10.00
My Indifference To Silence [2012] Horizon Of My Heavendark death doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 056-12In stock$5.00
Narrow House [2014] Thanathonautdark metal / doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 067-14In stock$8.00
Necrotic Trust [2007] Dry Our Fearsdark metal / doomPro CDR in DVD BoxBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 003Out of stock$12.00
Negative Voice [2016] Cold Redrafteddark metal / death doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 075-16In stock$10.00
Odradek Room [2017] A Man Of Siltprogressive doom death / post metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 081-17In stock$10.00
Odradek Room [2017] A Man Of Silt [Digipak]progressive doom death / post metalDigi CDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 081-17DIn stock$12.00
On The Edge Of The NetherRealm [2010] Different Realmsgothic doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 030-10In stock$5.00
Opaque Lucidity [2008] Opaque Lucidityesoteric ambient / funeral doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 014-08In stock$5.00
Poema Arcanus [2013] Transient Chroniclesdark metal / doom deathCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 063-13In stock$8.00
Raventale [2008] Long Passed Daysdepressive black / black doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 015-08Out of stock$10.00
Raventale [2009] Mortal Aspirationsblack doom metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 027-09In stock$8.00
Raventale [2010] Afterdepressive blackCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 039-10In stock$8.00
Raventale [2011] Bringer Of Heartsore [Digipak]depressive black metalDigi CDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 045-11In stock$12.00
Raventale [2012] Transcendenceatmospheric black metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 054-12Out of stock$9.00
Raventale [2015] Dark Substance Of Dharmaatmospheric black metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 073-15In stock$10.00
Re123+ [2010] Magidrone doom / post metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 031-10In stock$4.00
S.C.A.L.P. [2007] In Memory Of Madness - The Early Years: 1994-1995death metal / death doomPro CDRBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 005-07Out of stock$10.00
S.C.A.L.P. [2009] Chuzhaya Voinamelodic metalCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 019-09In stock$5.00
S.C.A.L.P. [2009] Through Eternity (1997 re-release, remastered)atmospheric death doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 021-09In stock$5.00
Sanctus Infernum [2008] Sanctus Infernumextreme death / doomCDBadMoodMan MusicBMM. 010-08In stock$6.00

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