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New Arrivals / Новые поступления

New Arrivals / Новые поступления

Anicon [2016] Exegeses (black metal)
Ataraxia [2016] Orlando (medieval / neofolk)
Barbarossa Umtrunk [2013] La Fraternite Polaire (martial)
Battle Dagorath [2016] I - Dark Dragons Of The Cosmos (black metal)
Black Hate [2016] Through The Darkness (black metal)
Cold Body Radiation [2017] The Orphean Lyre (post-black metal / shoegaze)
Dervenn [2012] Gwad Roueel (neofolk)
Dwarfstar [2016] Perplexing Reality (post black ambient)
Dying Passion [2016] Black Threads (atmospheric doom metal)
Earth And Pillars [2016] Pillars I (atmospheric black metal)
Hard To Be A God [2016] Evolution Doesn' t Mean Progress (post rock)
Majdanek Waltz [2007] Hamlet's Childhood (neofolk)
Nevoa [2016] Re Un (atmospheric black metal)
Pale Roses [2010] Fear Of Dawn (neofolk)
Recitations [2016] The First Of The Listeners (black metal)
Seadem [2011] Skhole (neo-classical)
Sojourner [2016] Empires Of Ash (atmospheric black metal)
Sordide [2016] Fuir La Lumiere (black metal)
Sunset Wings [2012] Farewell (neofolk)
Trinithos [2012] Zeihnungen (neofolk)
Until Death Overtakes Me [2016] AnteMortem (funeral doom metal)

Back in stock / Снова в наличии

1000 Funerals [2012] Portrait Of A Dream (gothic funeral doom)
Arcana Coelestia [2014] Nomas (black / funeral doom metal)
Darkspace [2014] Dark Space III I (depressive black metal)
Day Before Us [2014] Crystal Sighs Of A Broken Universe (dark ambient / modern classical)
Drudkh [2007] Estrangement [Digipak] (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2012] Eternal Turn Of The Wheel (pagan black metal)
Fear Of Eternity [2013] Evocations Of The Unseen (depressive black)
Fear Of Eternity [2010] Light Of The Night (depressive black)
Grisatre [2014] Paroxystique (depressive black metal)
Hard To Be A God [2010] Perfection Is Not A Human Condition (progressive post rock)
Hyperborei [2015] The Invisible Army (neo-classical / dark ambient)
Melankoli [2012] Winds (atmospheric black metal / ambient)
Mistress Of The Dead [2011] Henriette's Message from the Other Shore (funeral esoteric doom)
Mistress Of The Dead [2008] White Roses, White Coffin (funeral esoteric doom)
Mourning Dawn [2009] For The Fallen (doom death)
Mourning Dawn [2014] Les Sacrifies (black / doom metal)
Orom [2006] 8 [Digipak] (dark folk ambient doom)
Orom [2015] O (dark folk ambient doom)
shEver [2012] Rituals (doom death metal)
Thy Catafalque [2009] Roka Hasa Radio (avantgarde metal)


New Releases: (release plan)

Crypt Of Silence [2016] Awareness Ephemera
Solitude Productions
doom death metal
A Dream Of Poe [2016] A Waltz For Apophenia
Solitude Productions
gothic doom death
Ordog [2016] The Grand Wall
Solitude Productions / MFL
doom death metal
Sorrowful Land [2016] Of Ruins...
Solitude Productions / MFL
atmospheric doom death



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28.04.2018 23:25:40 - Recent News! 10% discount! New release!
07.04.2018 22:49:16 - DOOM:VS "The Dead Swan Of The Woods" T-shirt
24.03.2018 22:15:32 - New Arrivals / Rome in Monochrome CD released



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