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How to make an order?

Step 1. Choose the items from our catalogue and add them to your personal cart using "Add To Cart" button. After finishing press "My shopping cart" to inspect and confirm the chosen items. After verifying your order press "Checkout". If you have a Discount coupon, enter it at this step.


Step 2. If this is your first time when you are ordering something from us, you have to enter your e-mail and your postal address for delivery. If you have previously made an order from our shop, you have to enter your e-mail (serving as login) and your password. You can indicate several delivery postal addresses (for example, home and business) and choose where to ship current order.


Step 3. Method of delivery All items are delivered by Registered Airmail only. If your order contains only MP3s, you have to choose "MP3 Download", because there are no items for delivery in this case.


Step 4. Method of payment At this step you have to choose your method of payment. You can choose one of the following options: - Credit Card or PayPal If you choose PayPal, you have to choose USD or EUR as the currency of payment. - WebMoney (WMZ) You must have a WebMoney account to perform the payment.


Step 5. At this final step the system will show you your order (items, delivery address, method of payment, etc) and will ask for confirmation of the order. After confirmation the system will indicate you your order code.


Step 6. If you are using electronic payment systems or credit card payment you shall pay for your order by choosing your order in the order list and pressing “Pay Now” button. This option is available before your order is in processing.


If you have any quiestions / problems please contact us using this form


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