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New releases:

SP. 053-11 Mare Infinitum – Sea Of Infinity

Format: CD
Release Date: 19.12.2011
Country: Russia
Genre: Doom Death Metal

The debut album from a band from Moscow representing two famous musicians in line-up: A.K. iEezor (Comatose Vigil, Abstract Spirit) and Homer (ex-Who Dies In Siberian Slush). «Sea Of Infinity» consists of five doom death metal tracks including one instrumental. Melodic compositions are framed by atmospheric keyboards and powerful guitar riffs accompanied by expressive growl by A.K. iEezor and clean vocals of guest singers. «Sea Of Infinity» is not just another album introducing novel features to the style, but the entrance ticket for a band to the highest level of Russian doom-death metal scene! The album was recorded at Primordial Studio (famous for working with Comatose Vigil, Revelations of Rain, Abstract Spirit, Who Dies In Siberian Slush). The album is highly recommended to fans of music in traditions of Mourning Beloveth and Morgion!


1. In Absence We Dwell
2. Sea Of Infinity
3. Beholding the Unseen
4. November Euphoria
5. In The Name Of My Sin

New Arrivals / Новые поступления
40 Watt Sun [2011] The Inside Room (traditional doom metal)
Agathocles [2006] Mince Core History 1993-1996 (cult grindcore)
Altar Of Giallo / Proctalgia [2009] SplitCD - Grotesque Remains Of Deformed Putrid Bodies (death grind)
Ambehr [2011] Amber Dreamland (slavonic pagan metal)
Antigama [2002] Intellect Made Us Blind (death metal)
Antigama [2004] Discomfort (death metal)
Antigama [2005] Zeroland (death metal)
Apraxia [2011] Tribute - 14 1-2 Years Of Struggle Against… (pagan black metal)
Artaniya [2011] Noch' Odenet Tebe Svoj Venec (symphonic black metal)
Astrofaes [1998] Dying Emotions Domain (black metal)
Astrofaes [2009] Live Hate (black metal)
Autumn Hour [2009] Dethroned (progressive metal)
Avulsed [1998] Cybergore (death metal)
Barbarity [2008] Grotesque Contradiction (death metal)
Bastion [2011] Dawn Of Swarog (pagan metal)
Before The Dawn [2007] Deadlight (gothic / melodic death)
Before The Dawn [2010] Decade Of Darkness (gothic / melodic death)
Blood I Bleed [2009] Gods Out Of Monsters (hardcore punk)
Bowel Stew [2010] Necrocoital Amputorgy (death grind)
Cenotaph [2007] Reincarnation In Gorextasy (brutal death metal)
Christ Denied [1996] ...Got What He Deserved (death grind)
Cranial Osteotomy [2011] Victim Of Wicked Sickness (brutal death metal)
Darkside Of Innocence [2009] Infernum Liberus EST (gothic black metal)
Dead Theory [2008] Teriak Siksa Bathin (brutal death metal)
Decomposed [2002] Putrid Stench Purulency (brutal death metal)
Demented [2008] Psychoanalysis Of Eternal Pain (brutal death metal)
Demented Retarded [2011] Perverse Spiele Fotzendose (grindcore)
Emerald Night [2011] Zerkalo Trollej (melodic black metal)
Et Moriemur [2011] Cupio Dissolvi (doom death)
Extreme Vaginal [2009] Anthem For Every Kill Moments (brutal death grind)
Grey Heaven Fall [2011] ...Grey Heaven Fall (symphonic black death metal)
Intracranial Butchery [2010] Keepin' It Grind (brutal death metal)
Izmoroz' [2010] Izbushka Babushki Zombi (pagan folk slavonic metal)
Izmoroz' [2011] Otmoroz (pagan folk slavonic metal)
Lord Fuck [2009] Exquisite Gutteral (gore grind)
Maniac Butcher [2010] Masakr (black metal)
Mater Monstifera [2011] Na Zrcadlech Lzi (On The Mirrors Lies) (black metal)
Mind Eclipse [2007] Relict (black death metal)
Mindly Rotten [2011] Proliferation Of Disaster (brutal death metal)
Morgue's Child [2010] ...From The Cunt To The Grave (brutal death metal)
Morito Ergo Sum [2011] Moonchild (doom metal)
Mortal Torment [2011] Resuscitation (brutal death metal)
Mournful Congregation [2011] The Book Of Kings (funeral doom metal)
Mournful Congregation [2011] The Unspoken Hymns (funeral doom metal)
Nebokray [2010] Na Rubezhe (pagan black metal)
Old Silver Key [2011] Tales Of Wanderings (post rock)
Old Wainds [1998] Where The Snows Are Never Gone (black metal)
Onicectomy [2011] Drowning For Salvation (death grind)
Perverse Molestation [2010] Sadistic Way Of Intense Perversion (brutal death metal)
Piarevaracien [2011] Spoviedz Kryvi (pagan black metal)
Pyrrhon [2011] An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master (technical death metal)
Riul Doamnei [2007] Apocryphal (symphonic black metal)
Sanatorium [2004] Celebration Of Exhumation / Internal Womb Cannibalism (brutal death metal)
Sanctus Daemoneon [2010] The Unavoidable (black doom metal)
Scum Sentinel [2011] Sentinel Of Scum (black metal)
Septory [2011] Seductive Art Profane (death metal)
Serdce [2009] The Alchemy Of Harmony (Canada version) (progressive death metal)
Shades Of Dusk [2011] Squalor (metalcore)
Skyfall [2011] Bestiarium Pool (melodic black metal)
Slaughter Brute [2008] Excellent Meat (brutal death metal)
Smashing Dumplings [2011] Gastrogrind (gore grind)
Synergism Of Humanity [2011] Incantated Self Destruction (brutal death metal)
Talamyus [2011] Raven's Call To Annihilation (melodic death metal)
Twilight [2011] Awaiting The Sunrise (symphonic black death metal)
V/A [2011] Tribute Torr - Institut Cerneho Kovu (death thrash metal)
Veliar [2011] In Reflection Of The Decayed World (symphonic black death metal)
Znich [2011] Mroya (slavonic pagan metal)

Back In Stock / Снова В наличии
Accomplice Affair / Alalia [2009] About Eternal (dark ambient / ethno ambient)
Agathocles [2010] Peel Sessions 1997 (cult grindcore)
Avulsed [2009] Nullo (death metal)
Azaghal [2009] Teraphim (black metal)
Before The Dawn [2008] Soundscape To Silence (gothic / melodic death)
Bethlehem [1995] Dark Metal [Digipak] (cult dark black doom)
Cerebral Effusion / Offalmincer [2007] SplitCD (brutal death)
Christ Agony [2010] UnholyDaeMoon (melodic black metal)
Darkflight [2010] In A Breathless Flight (black doom)
Dissolving Of Prodigy [2010] Echoes Of My Sadness (pagan doom metal)
Drygva [2010] Syn Magutnaga Roda (pagan folk black metal)
Eparchy Of Evil [2011] Through Surrealism Threads (melodic death doom)
Epitimia [2010] Four Truths Of The Noble Ones (depressive black metal)
Foreshadowing, The [2010] Oionos (gothic doom)
Hirax [1987] Not Dead Yet (cult thrash metal)
Incarnated [2006] Pleasure Of Consumption (brutal death metal)
Inferia [2010] No Sperm Shall Be Spared (grindcore)
Kartikeya [2011] Mahayuga (death black metal)
Letargia [2010] The Burden Of Human Passions (melodic death metal)
Matter Of Essence [2009] Death Is Not Present (death doom metal)
Mirror Of Deception [2010] A Smouldering Fire (doom metal)
Mystterra [2009] New Epoch Of Revival (medieval folk metal)
Pleroms Gate [2009] Pass The Gate Of Pleroma (mystical death metal)
Sargeist / Horned Almighty [2004] SplitCD - In Ruin & Despair / To The Lord Of Our Lives (black metal)
Sear Bliss [2002] Forsaken Symphony (atmospheric black metal)
Shining [2000] I - Within Deep Dark Chambers [Digipak] (cult suicidal black metal)
Shining [2001] II - Livets Andhallplats [Digipak] (cult suicidal black metal)
Skepticism [1999] Aes (cult funeral doom)
Solstice [1994] Lamentations (epic doom metal)
Solstice [1996] Halcyon (epic doom metal)
Solstice [1998] New Dark Age (epic doom metal)
Sufferatory [2003] Compulsory Martyrdom (brutal death metal)
Tension Prophecy [2010] Riot Of Sacrificers (progressive death metal)
Trauma [2010] Archetype Of Chaos (death metal)
Warning [1999] The Strength To Dream (doom metal)
Warning [2006] Watching From A Distance (doom metal)



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24.03.2018 22:15:32 - New Arrivals / Rome in Monochrome CD released
18.03.2018 23:45:36 - ROME IN MONOCHROME "Away From Light" CD released
04.03.2018 21:49:40 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD released
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