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New Arrivals / Новые поступления

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Art Of Silence series completed!

Regul – Chambers Of Permafrost will be the final release in our Art Of Silence series. For now all the 10 original releases is still available in our store but many of the are almost our of stock so hurry up. No repress in future.

Regul – Покои Вечной Мерзлоты будет завершающим релизом серии Art Of Silence. На данный момент все релизы серии доступны в нашем магазине, но некоторые остались в очень маленьком количестве. Спешите допечаток не будет.

New Releases / Новые релизы

BMM ART 10 Regul – Chambers Of Permafrost

Format: Pro CDR in Cardboard Sleeve
Release Date: 04.07.2011
Country: Russia
Genre: Pagan Black Metal

The new album of a band presenting experiments in pagan black metal stylistics featuring ambient interludes and depressive black metal parts verging on black doom metal. Nevertheless the musicians are devoted to pagan ideology glorifying the severity and grandeur of Nordic Nature in their music.
The issue includes a CD-R with professional printing, a booklet, a flyer and a hand-numbered certificate with unique copy number (edition is limited to 100 copies). It is packed in a mini-LP-sleeve of solid cardboard with original Art of Silence series appearance.


1. Jarym Ognem Nebo Gorit
2. Pokoi Vechnoj Merzloty
3. Holod Zamerzshih Serdec
4. Moroza Bezzhalostnyj Gnev
5. T’ma Poljarnoj Nochi
6. Toska Karpatskih Lesov
7. Krik Umirajuwej Prirody

New Arrivals / Новые поступления
After Forever [2005] Remagine (gothic power)
Amentia [2011] Incurable Disease (technical brutal death metal)
Antisemitex / Selbstmord [2008] SplitCD - We Bring Desolation (black metal)
Ashen Light [2011] Cursed And Unforgiven (black metal)
Barbarous Pomerania [2010] Mysticism Of Blood And Soil (pagan black metal)
Behemoth [1993] The Return Of The Northern Moon (black metal)
Behemoth [1994] From The Pagan Vastlands (black metal)
Berserk Revolt [2011] Perception Kills (death metal)
Blaspherian [2007] Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation (death metal)
Blaspherian [2011] Infernal Warriors Of Death (death metal)
Bloodwritten [2010] Thrashin' Fury (thrash black metal)
Dark Wings Syndrome [2010] Arcane (progressive gothic metal)
Dark Wings Syndrome [2010] Spiritual Emotions (progressive gothic metal)
Deathincarnation [2011] Roar From Within (black death metal)
Deception [2011] Inferno (death metal)
Devastator [2007] Morbid Force (black death metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan, The [1999] Calculating Infinity (mathcore)
Ehnahre [2010] Taming The Cannibals (experimental death doom metal)
Eldereon [2011] Blood Of The Dying (death black doom metal)
Ethereal Riffian [2011] Shaman's Visions (stoner doom)
Fermento [2009] Recibe For Cremation (death metal)
Imprecation [1995] Theurgia Goetia Summa (black death metal)
Kneeldown [2008] Volcano (modern metal)
Korperschwache [2011] Evil Walks (black-industrial drone sludge)
Kriegsfall-U [2011] Kriegsfall-U (martial industrial)
Lake Of Tears [1999] Forever Autumn (progressive gothic metal)
Lake Of Tears [2002] The Neonai (progressive gothic metal)
Larrnakh [2011] Like The Silken Shrouds Of Loneliness (industrial / dark ambient)
Love Lies Eternal [2006] Never Ends (gothic doom metal)
Misery Index [2006] Discordia (death metal)
Necroplasma [2006] Sit Gloria Domini In Saecvlvm (black thrash metal)
Nekrist [2010] Dux Deus (black death metal)
Neonirico [2010] Renaissance (symphonic metal)
Nile [2000] Black Seeds Of Vengeance (brutal death metal)
Nomad [2011] Transmigration Of Consciousness (death metal)
Novembers Doom [2011] Aphotic (melodic death doom)
Outer Skin [2005] Sight For Sore Eyes (melodic metal)
Painted Black [2010] Cold Comfort (gothic doom metal)
Painted Black [2010] Winter (gothic doom metal)
Prison Flag [2006] Misplaced (alternative metal)
Purefilth / Dehydrated / Grace Disgraced / Redrum [2011] SplitCD (brutal death metal)
Samael [2007] Solar Soul (industrial metal)
Secrecy [2004] Beneath The Lies (gothic rock)
Secrecy [2009] Of Love And Sin (gothic rock)
Seges Findere [2009] Massacre Supremacista (black death metal)
Sorghegard [2011] Holocaust Of The Holy (black metal)
SymphOnyx, The [2005] Opus 1 - Limbu (gothic metal)
Theologian [2010] The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face (power electronics / dark industrial)
Therion [2007] Gothic Kabbalah (symphonic metal)
Today Is The Day [2000] Live Till You Die (hardcore / sludge)
Uruk Hai [2010] Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli (black metal)
Utgard [2006] Utgard (black metal)
Varathron [2009] Stygian Forces Of Scorn (black metal)
Witch Tomb [2009] Crippled Messiah (black death metal)

Back In Stock / Снова В наличии
Kruk [2005] Drowned In A SwampHeart Of Europe (true lightless black metal)
Disgod [2008] Sanguine Scales (true death / thrash metal)
After Forever [2003] Exordium (gothic power)
Ereb Altor [2010] The End (epic viking / doom metal)
Nile [2002] In Their Darkened Shrines (brutal death metal)
Age Of Silence [2004] Acceleration (progressive metal)
Agua De Annique [2007] Air (alt. rock)
Chris Caffery [2004] Faces / God Damn War (progressive metal)
Dirty Little Rabbits [2009] Simon (alternative rock)
Head Control System [2006] Murder Nature (progressive metal)
Mental Home [2000] Upon The Shores Of Inner Seas (melodic doom death)
Novembers Doom [1995] Amid It's Hallowed Mirth (+1990 demo) (doom death)
Novembers Doom [2005] The Pale Haunt Departure (melodic death doom)
Novembers Doom [2008] The Novella Vosselaar (melodic death doom)
Phazm [2006] Antebellum Death 'N' Roll (melodic death metal)
Ritual Carnage [2005] I, Infidel (death thrash metal)
Phazm [2006] Antebellum Death 'N' Roll (melodic death metal)
Ritual Carnage [2005] I, Infidel (death thrash metal)
Sadus [2006] Out For Blood (death thrash metal)
Sculptured [2008] Embodiment - Collapsing Under The Weight Of God (progressive death metal)
Subterranean Masquerade [2005] Suspended Animation Dreams (progressive metal)
Thine Eyes Bleed [2005] In The Wake Of Separation (melodic death metal)
Thine Eyes Bleed [2008] Thine Eyes Bleed (melodic death metal)
Yyrkoon [2006] Unhealthy Opera (death thrash metal)
Subarachnoid Space [2009] Eight Bells (experimental post metal)
Geisha [2008] Die Verbrechen der Liebe (noise rock)
Mass, The [2003] City Of Dis (metalcore / sludge)
Skullflower [1992] IIIrd Gatekeeper (drone rock)
Souvenirs Young America [2007] An Ocean Without Water (ambient metal / post-rock)
Jaaportit [2009] Voimasuo (dark wave / ambient)
Christ Agony [2010] UnholyDaeMoon (melodic black metal)
Intestinal [2010] Human Harvest (death metal)
Magnus [2010] Acceptance Of Death (death thrash metal)

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Terroraiser [2011] N 2 (46)

Reduced Price / Уценка
11 As In Adversaries [2010] The Full Intrepid Experience Of Light (Reduced Price) (avantgarde black metal)
Blizzard [2009] The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon (Reduced Price) (thrash metal)
Devilicious [2011] The Asylum Gospel (Reduced Price) (stoner rock)
Dormantgod [2007] Animated Bas-Reliefs (Reduced Price) (occult dark ambient)
Eldereon [2011] Blood Of The Dying (Reduced Price) (death black doom metal)
Elhaz [2006] Malemort (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Empire Auriga [2006] Auriga Dying (Reduced Price) (ambient black metal)
Erhabenheit [2006] Vom Tempel Zum Throne (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Fear Of Eternity [2007] Funeral Mass (Reduced Price) (melancholic black metal)
Funerary Bell [2009] The Second Manifestation (Reduced Price) (occult black metal)
Fungoid Stream [2010] Oceanus (Reduced Price) (funeral doom)
Furor, The [2005] Advance Australia Warfare (Reduced Price) (black death metal)
Hawkwind [2003] Tribute To - Daze Of Underground (Reduced Price) (space rock)
Heartless [2008] Suicidal Engagement (Reduced Price) (depressive black metal)
Hinsidig [2009] Bak Og Forbi... (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Hordagaard [2011] Kveldskved (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Howling Void, The [2009] Megaliths Of The Abyss (Reduced Price) (funeral doom)
I Shalt Become [1998] Wanderings (Reduced Price) (depressive black)
Jaaportit / Aarni / Umbra Nihil / Caput LVIIIm [2010] Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft - Yogsothery - Gate 1 - Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear (Reduced Price) ()
Kairi [2011] My Light My Flesh (Reduced Price) (funeral doom)
Lacrimae [2009] White Pest (Reduced Price) (avantgarde black metal)
Lustre [2010] A Glimpse Of Glory (Reduced Price) (atmospheric black metal)
Old Corpse Road / Meads Of Asphodel, The [2010] SplitCD (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Ordog [2011] Remorse (Reduced Price) (doom death)
Outer Skin [2005] Sight For Sore Eyes (Reduced Price) (melodic metal)
Pleroms Gate [2009] Pass The Gate Of Pleroma (Reduced Price) (mystical death metal)
Pyramido [2011] Salt (Reduced Price) (sludge doom)
Qhwertt [2005] Cloudland (Reduced Price) (funeral doom)
Saturnus [2006] Veronica Decides To Die [Europe] (Reduced Price) (doom death)
Sojaruun [2008] Sojaruun (Reduced Price) (pagan black metal)
Thor's Hammer [2002] The Fate Worse Than Death (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Total Death [2010] Somathic (Reduced Price) (melodic death black)
Umbah [2007] Trilobeth (Reduced Price) (avantgarde industrial death)
Veldraveth [2009] Temples Of The Black Flame (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Vuohivasara [2009] A Cult Revived (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Wintermoon [2010] Moonthrone Lucifer (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Veldraveth [2009] Temples Of The Black Flame (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Vuohivasara [2009] A Cult Revived (Reduced Price) (black metal)
Wintermoon [2010] Moonthrone Lucifer (Reduced Price) (black metal)



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