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New Arrivals / Doomed "Anna" CD release

Doomed "Anna" CD release

Format: CD
Release Date: 26.09.2016
Country: Germany
Genre: Doom Death

The brand new fifth album by the German project Doomed significantly progressed in composition and performance of technical death doom metal. On the one hand, the project mastermind’s tendency towards conceptualization the material and the artwork is obvious, together with an effort to create a thoughtful, high-quality album featuring guest vocalists (this time including Camel Of Doom member). On the other hand, there is a tendency to complication of compositions and use of brutal interludes preserving, nevertheless, melodic side of the music. The progressiveness of this album is among the main album features to be discovered by a listener.

Дебютный альбом чешской группы Self-Hatred пронизан духом дум-сцены 90-х годов, комбинируя его с современным звучанием и видением музыкального фатализма. Динамичный doom/death metal -альбом, продолжительностью 40 минут, погружает в глубину аллегорий вместе с бывшими участниками Et Moriemur, Dissolving Of Prodigy и Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy. Запись выполнена на студии Hellsound (Master's Hammer, Avenger, Panychida). 

1. Your Highness The Chaos
2. Anna
3. As The Thoughts Began To Be Tarnish
4. The Weeping Trees
5. Withering Leaves
6. Roots Remain
7. The Frozen Wish

Album streaming 

Bandcamp - https://doomed1.bandcamp.com/album/anna

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