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New Arrivals / Luna "Ceremony" & Self-hatred "Theia" release

Self-hatred "Theia" CD release

Format: CD
Release Date: 12.09.2016
Country: Czech

The debut album of the Czech group Self-Hatred is filled with the spirit of the 90’s doom scene, combining it with modern sound and specific interpretation of musical fatalism. A 40-minutes long dynamic doom / death metal album plunges one into the depths of allegories together with the former members of Et Moriemur, Dissolving Of Prodigy, and Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy. The recording is performed at Hellsound studio (Master's Hammer, Avenger, Panychida).

Дебютный альбом чешской группы Self-Hatred пронизан духом дум-сцены 90-х годов, комбинируя его с современным звучанием и видением музыкального фатализма. Динамичный doom/death metal -альбом, продолжительностью 40 минут, погружает в глубину аллегорий вместе с бывшими участниками Et Moriemur, Dissolving Of Prodigy и Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy. Запись выполнена на студии Hellsound (Master's Hammer, Avenger, Panychida). 


1. Guilt
2. Theia
3. Slither
4. Attraction
5. No Judgement
6. Self-reflection
7. Memories

Album preview on Bandcamp - https://self-hatred.bandcamp.com


New Digital release

LUNA [2016] Ceremony (single)

Format: Digital Single
Release Date: 01.09.2016
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Experimental Doom Death Metal

Special autumn gift from the band. New instrumental composition which expands the horizons of their funeral doom albums.

1. Ceremony

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Signist [2006] Of Worlds, Endtimely Enshadowed (melodic death metal)
Taatsi [2015] Olden Folk (atmospheric black metal)
Tknkntj [2014] 2008 – 2009 (black ambient)
Uruk Hai [2016] Elbenglanz (cult dark ambient)
Uruk Hai / Skoll [2015] Split CD - Through The Mountains Mist They Came (cult dark ambient)
Vinterriket [2012] Gardarsholmur (dark ambient / black metal)
Vinterriket [2014] 2002 – 2004 (dark ambient / black metal)
Void Paradigm [2015] Earth's Disease (black metal)
Weeping Birth [2015] The Crushed Harmony (brutal death / black metal)

Back in stock / Снова в наличии

Abscess [2013] Bourbon Blood And Butchery (death metal)
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Basarabian Hills [2015] In The Stillness Of The Codrii (ambient / black metal)
Frozen Autumn, The [1995] Pale Awakening (darkwave)
Hard To Be A God [2013] An Suddenly Problems Appeared (post rock)
Krepulec [2008] Martial Industrial Power With Parabellum In The Hand (martial industrial)
Les Revers Sanglant [2011] Un Combat Perdu D'avance (martial / industrial)
Melankoli [2012] Winds (atmospheric black metal / ambient)
Stalingrad [2006] Court-Martial (darkwave)
Uruk Hai [2008] Lost Songs From Middle Earth (cult dark ambient)
Uruk Hai / Black Jade [2013] Split - The Sadness Of Fallen Leaves (black metal)
Vinterriket [2008] Eiszwielicht (black ambient)
Vinterriket [2011] Grauweiss (dark ambient)

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