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SP. 113-16 Camel Of Doom – Terrestrial

release date 08.02.2016

Format: CD
Release Date: 08.02.2016
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Extreme Death Doom

The brand new full-length album by the British experimentalists. Starting with psychedelic stoner doom metal, Camel of Doom have come to make sophisticated music mixing doom death metal and sludge doom metal, with a tendency towards psychedelic effects and energetic riffs. Combining groovy moments with lengthy atmospheric riffs, adding industrial motifs to their masterpiece, the musicians paint a wide scale picture of cosmic chaos and, at the same time, harmony expressed with a share of melody. Also noteworthy is the breakthrough the band have made in forming a dense sound, fully disclosed in ‘Terrestrial’.

Абсолютно новый полноформатный альбом британских эксперементаторов. Начав с психоделического stoner doom metal, Camel Of Doom пришли к сложной музыке, замешанной на doom death metal, sludge doom metal, не потеряв тяги к психоделическим эффектам и напористым рифам. Совмещая грувовые моменты с пространными акустическими атмосферными проигрышами, добавляя к этому полотну индустриальные мотивы, музыканты рисуют масштабную картину космического хаоса и, в то же время, гармонии, выраженной в доле привнесённой молодики. Также стоит отметить прорыв для группы в выстраивании плотного звука, наиболее полно раскрывающей «Terrestrial».

1. Cycles (The Anguish of Anger)
2. A Circle Has No End
3. Pyroclastic Flow
4. Singularity
5. Nine Eternities
6. Euphoric Slumber
7. Sleeper Must Awaken
8. Extending Life, Expanding Conciousness

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Solitude Europe’s purpose is to expand distribution abilities of Solitude Prod., and another mission is to bring the best new and back catalog titles on Vinyl. Yes Vinyl. We’ve searched for options how to do this better and decided to go this way.
Peter Laustsen (from When Nothing Remains) will be in charge of all European office related things.
For now we start a webstore with most Solitude titles in stock. In nearest future it’ll handle all Solitude/BadMoodMan CD titles.

And for now it’s possible to exclusively preorder upcoming When Nothing Remains “In Memoriam” album signed by the band members. This offer will be limited to 30 CDs. Hurry up. All money will come to fund upcoming band shows and fest appearances.

Solitude Europe: http://solitude-europe.com
Email: info@solitude-europe.com
Phone: +46763945691

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