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New Arrivals / Soijl "Endless Elysian Fields" CD preorder

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Soijl "Endless Elysian Fields"

CD available for preorder (release date 21/09/2015)

Soijl is a doom metal project Mattias Svensson started years ago but never had the time to focus on, until now.

Mattias Svensson - All instruments and all music. (ex-Saturnus, Istapp, Vanmakt & Nidrike)

Henrik Kindvall - All vocals and all lyrics. Other bands: Skald. Previous bands: Nidrike & At Dawn.

Soijl - Dying Kinship (lyric video)


New Arrivals / Новые поступления

December XII [2015] Twelve Candles (power metal)
Cyber Snake [2015] Rebirth (industrial metal)
Cruciform [1993] Atavism / Paradox (death doom)


Funeral [1995] Tragedies [Gatefold 2xLP] (cult funeral death doom)
Funeral [1993] Tristesse [Gatefold 2xLP] (cult funeral death doom) 

FONO distribution

Allegaeon [2014] Elements Of The Infinite [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Amon Amarth [2008] Twilight Of The Thunder God [Licensed CD] (viking death metal)
Apophys [2015] Prime Incursion [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Armored Saint [2015] Win Hands Down [Licensed CD] (heavy metal)
Aura Noir [2012] Out To Die [Licensed CD] (black thrash metal)
Battlecross [2015] Rise to Power ()
Between the Buried and Me [2015] Coma Ecliptic ()
Black Dahlia Murder, The [2011] Ritual [Licensed CD] (metalcore / melodic death metal)
Black Dahlia Murder, The [2013] Everblack [Licensed CD] (metalcore / melodic death metal)
Blood Tsunami [2013] For Faen! [Licensed CD] (thrash metal)
Bloodbound [2012] In The Name Of Metal [Licensed CD] (heavy / power metal)
Bloodbound [2014] Stormborn [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Bolt Thrower [1998] Mercenary [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Borealis [2015] Purgatory [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Borknagar [2006] Origin [Licensed CD] (viking black)
Brimstone Coven [2014] Brimstone Coven [Licensed CD] (hard rock / doom)
Burning Point [2015] Burning Point [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Byfrost [2011] Of Death [Licensed CD] (black thrash metal)
Cannibal Corpse [1992] Tomb Of The Mutilated [Licensed CD] (brutal death metal)
Cannibal Corpse [2012] Torture [Licensed CD] (brutal death metal)
Cannibal Corpse [2014] A Skeletal Domain [Licensed CD] (brutal death metal)
Cannibal Corpse [2008] Centuries Of Torment [Licenced 3xDVD] (brutal death)
Cattle Decapitation [2012] Monolith Of Inhumanity [Licensed CD] (progressive death / grind)
Cradle Of Filth [2001] Bitter Suites to Succubi ()
Cradle Of Filth [2001] Bitter Suites to Succubi ()
Cryptopsy [2008] The Unspoken King [Licensed CD] (death metal/grind)
Cut Up [2015] Forensic Nightmares [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Dreamtale [2013] World Changed Forever [Licensed CD] (melodic power metal)
Einherjer [2014] Av Oss, For Oss [Licensed CD] (viking metal)
Eisbrecher [2011] Eiskalt [Licensed CD] (industrial)
Ektomorf [2012] The Acoustic [Licensed CD] (extreme metal / acoustic)
Ektomorf [2014] Retribution (extreme metal)
Enslaved [2000] Mardraum - Beyond The Within [Licensed CD] (viking metal)
Enslaved [2003] Below The Lights [Digipack] [Licensed CD] (viking metal)
Ensiferum [2015] One Man Army [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (folk metal)
Ensiferum [2015] One Man Army [Licensed CD] (folk metal)
Entrails [2015] Obliteration [Digipack] [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Entrails [2015] Obliteration [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow [2006] Before The Bleeding Sun [Licensed CD] (melodic death metal)
Falconer [2014] Black Moon Rising [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Fear Factory [2012] The Industrialist [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (industrial metal)
Finntroll [1999] Midnattens Widunder [Licensed CD] (humppa folk metal)
Finntroll [2007] Ur Jordens Djup [Licensed CD] (folk metal)
Fleshcrawl [2000] As Blood Rains From The Sky… [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Forgotten Horror [2015] Aeon Of The Shadow Goddess [Licensed CD] (black death metal)
Gama Bomb [2013] The Terror Tapes [Licensed CD] (thrash metal)
Gehenna [2013] Unravel [Licensed CD] (black metal)
Gojira [2009] The Way Of All Flesh [Licensed CD] (thrash / death metal)
Graveworm [2001] Scourge Of Malice [Licensed CD] (sympho black / gothic metal)
Graveworm [2015] Ascending Hate [Digipack] [Licensed CD] (dark metal)
Graveworm [2015] Ascending Hate [Licensed CD] (dark metal)
Great Discord, The [2015] Duende [Licensed CD] (progressive metal)
Gwar [2013] Battle Maximus [Licensed CD] (comedy metal)
Hail Of Bullets [2008] …Of Frost And War [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Hail Of Bullets [2010] On Divine Winds [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Hail Of Bullets [2013] III - The Rommel Chronicles [Licensed CD] (old school death metal)
Hate Eternal [2011] Phoenix Amongst The Ashes [Licensed CD] (brutal death metal)
Iced Earth [1991] Iced Earth [Licensed CD] (thrash heavy metal)
Iced Earth [1991] Night Of The Stormrider [Licensed CD] (thrash heavy metal)
Iced Earth [1998] Something Wicked This Way Comes [Licensed CD] (thrash heavy metal)
Illusions Play [2014] The Fading Light [Licensed CD] (funeral doom metal)
Job For A Cowboy [2009] Ruination [Licensed CD] (deathcore / technical death metal)
Job For A Cowboy [2014] Sun Eater [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Kalmah [2002] They Will Return [Licensed CD] (melodic death metal)
Kalmah [2013] Seventh Swamphony [Digipack] [Licensed CD] (melodic death metal)
Keep Of Kalessin [2015] Epistemology [Licensed CD] (extreme metal)
King Diamond [2002] Abigail II - The Revenge [Licensed CD] (heavy metal)
Kypck [2011] Nizhe [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (doom metal)
Kypck [2014] Imena Na Stene [Licensed CD] (doom metal)
Lordi [2013] To Beast Or Not To Beast [Licensed CD] (hard rock / heavy metal)
Magic Kingdom [2015] Savage Requiem [Licensed CD] (sympho/power metal)
Melechesh [2006] Emissaries [Licensed CD] (black death folk metal)
Montezuma's Revenge [2013] Key To The Abyss (sludge / stoner)
Moonspell [1997] 2econd Skin [Licensed CD] (dark doom metal)
Moonspell [1997] Sin/Pecado [Licensed CD] (dark doom metal)
Moonspell [2007] The Great Silver Eye [Licensed CD] (dark doom metal)
Morgoth [1991] Cursed [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Morgoth [1993] Odium [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Murder Of My Sweet, The [2012] Bye Bye Lullaby [Licensed CD] (sympho metal)
My Memorial [2014] Welcome To The Madhouse (black metal)
Napalm Death [2005] The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code [Licensed CD] (cult death grind)
Nightfall [2010] Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants [Licensed CD] (dark metal)
Noumena [2013] Death Walks With Me [Licensed CD] (melodic death metal)
Ocean, The [2010] Anthropocentric [Licensed CD] (post metal)
Onslaught [2013] VI [Licensed CD] (thrash metal)
Powerwolf [2009] Bible Of The Beast [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Powerwolf [2011] Blood Of The Saints [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Primordial [2009] Imrama [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (melodic black metal)
Primordial [2011] Redemption At The Puritan's Hand [Licensed CD] (black metal)
Primordial [2014] Where Greater Men Have Fallen [Licensed CD] (folk black metal)
Pyogenesis [2015] A Century in the Curse of Time ()
Pyogenesis [2015] A Century in the Curse of Time ()
Revocation [2014] Deathless [Licensed CD] (technical death metal)
Rivers Of Nihil [2013] The Conscious Seed of Light [Licensed CD] (technical death metal)
Rivers Of Nihil [2015] Monarchy ()
Samael [1992] Blood Ritual [Licensed CD] (cult black metal)
Secrets Of The Sky [2015] Pathway [Licensed CD] (post metal)
Sentenced [1991] Shadow Of The Past [Licensed CD] (melodic doom death metal)
Septic Flesh [2003] Sumerian Daemons [Licensed CD] (dark metal)
Shape Of Despair [2004] Illusion's Play [Licensed CD] (funeral doom metal)
Shining [2011] VII - Fodd Forlorare [Licensed CD] (depressive black metal)
Sinbreed [2014] Shadows [Licensed CD] (power metal)
Six Feet Under [2004] Graveyard Classics 2 [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Six Feet Under [2008] Death Rituals [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Six Feet Under [2012] Undead [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Six Feet Under [2013] Unborn [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Six Feet Under [2015] Crypt Of The Devil [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Six Feet Under [2015] Crypt Of The Devil [Licensed CD] (death metal)
Sorcerer [2015] In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross [Licensed CD] (epic doom metal)
Suidakra [2002] Emprise To Avalon [Licensed CD] (folk/melodic death metal)
Suidakra [2013] Eternal Defiance [Licensed CD] (folk melodic death metal)
Tears Of Heaven [2015] The Secret (gothic metal)
Thrust [2015] Fist Held High [Licensed CD] (heavy metal)
To/Die/For [2015] Cult [Licensed CD] (gothic rock)
Torture Killer [2013] Phobia [Licensed CD] (groove death metal)
Town Tundra [2014] Telegonia (melodic death metal)
Turisas [2004] Battle Metal [Licensed CD] (folk metal)
Turisas [2013] Turisas2013 [Licensed CD] (folk metal)
Tyr [2013] Valkyrja [Digipak] [Licensed CD] (folk viking metal)
U.D.O. [2015] Decadent [Licensed CD] (heavy metal)
Urn [2008] Soul Destroyers [Licensed CD] (black thrash metal)
V/A [2015] Extreme Metal Compilation III - Ongoing Extinction ()
Lake Of Tears [2014] Tribute To - Twenty Years In Tears 2 (gothic/dark/death metal)
Vital Remains [2003] Dechristianize ()
Wardruna [2013] Runaljod - Yggdrasil [Licensed CD] (folk ambient)
We Butter The Bread With Butter [2015] Wieder Geil! [Licensed CD] (metalcore/electronic)
Whitechapel [2014] Our Endless War [Licensed CD] (deathcore)
Whitechapel [2012] Whitechapel [Licensed CD] (deathcore)
Winterhorde [2015] Underwatermoon [Licensed CD] (extreme metal)
Wolfpakk [2011] Wolfpakk [Licensed CD] (heavy metal)
Prorochestvo Velvy [2013] Imya (folk metal)
Marduk [2001] Panzer Division Marduk [Digipack] [Licensed CD] (black metal)
Hatebreed [2002] Perseverance [Licensed CD] (hardcore)



18.03.2018 23:45:36 - ROME IN MONOCHROME "Away From Light" CD released
04.03.2018 21:49:40 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD released
18.02.2018 18:16:18 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD preorder
27.01.2018 16:00:49 - New arrivals / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD released
17.12.2017 12:33:14 - New year's SALE / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD preorder

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