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New Arrivals!

Solitude Store update!

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Скачать полный каталог - http://solitudestore.com/SP-Catalogue.xls

We are very excited about the 10th anniversary of the label and we’ve made some special releases to celebrate this date.

Мы очень рады, что наша работа в течении этих 10 лет принесла людям удовольствие от хорошей музыки и мы сделали несколько специальных релизов приуроченных к этой дате:

First of all, there are two new Solitude Productions releases: Funeral “In Fields Of Pestilent Grief” (re-release with bonus tracks) and Fallen - “Fallen” (discography compilation with tracks from A Tragedy's Bitter End, Demo’ 04 and 2 unreleased tracks that were planned for second album back in 2007). This CD contains 79 minutes of music! Both are in digipacks with newly designed artwork and looks great.

В первую очередь это 2 новых релиза Solitude Productions: Funeral “In Fields Of Pestilent Grief” (переиздание с бонус треками) и Fallen - “Fallen” (дискография содержащая все записи с A Tragedy's Bitter End, Demo’ 04 и 2 нереализованных трека которые были записаны для 2 альбома и записаны в 2007 году). Диск содержит 79 минут музыки! Оба издания выполнены в формате digipack с новым эксклюзивным оформлением.

The second is an exclusive compilation "Solitude Vaults: 10 Years Of Doom" of stuff we released, but unavailable before on CD. It contains tracks from Enth “Enth” 12” EP and digital only tracks from Luna «There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask», Embrace Of Silence «Last Winter» и Edenian «Forgotten Once», it’s limited to 500 copies and is available for almost FREE for all our store customers until the end of the summer. Don't forget to add it to cart during order!

Второй релиз - это эксклюзивная компиляция "Solitude Vaults: 10 Years Of Doom", содержащая ранее не издававшиеся на CD треки от четырёх групп: изданный в виде 12” винила EP от Enth «Enth», и EP распространявшиеся в виде цифрового контента от Luna «There Is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under A Sheltering Mask», Embrace Of Silence «Last Winter» и Edenian «Forgotten Once». Лимитированное издание 500 копий доступно БЕСПЛАТНО для всех сделавших заказ до конца лета. Не забудьте добавить диск в свой заказ!

New Arrivals / Новые поступления

16 [1993] Curves That Kick (sludge metal)
16 [1996] Drop Out (sludge metal)
16 [2012] Deep Cuts from Dark Clouds (sludge metal)
Alchemist [2003] Austral Alien (avant-garde / progressive death metal)
Alchemist [2005] Embryonics (avant-garde / progressive death metal)
Antigama [2007] Resonance (death metal)
Asgaard [2012] Stairs To Nowhere (gothic / black / doom metal)
Atheist [2009] Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken (technical death metal)
Birds Of Prey [2009] The Hellpreacher (death / sludge metal)
Blood Duster [1997] Str8outtanorthcote (death metal / grindcore)
Blood Duster [2000] Cunt (death metal / grindcore)
Bodychoke [2009] Cold River Songs (industrial / post rock)
Buried Inside [2005] Chronoclast (sludge / post-metal)
Buried Inside [2009] Spoils of Failure (sludge / post-metal)
Car Bomb [2007] Centralia (math rock / grindcore)
Cephalic Carnage [1998] Conforming to Abnormality (technical geind death metal)
Cephalic Carnage [2002] Lucid Interval (technical geind death metal)
Cephalic Carnage [2010] Misled by Certainty (technical geind death metal)
Coalesce [2009] Ox (metalcore)
Coalesce [2011] Give Them Rope (metalcore)
Death Breath [2006] Stinking Up the Night (death metal)
Demons Gate [2008] Demons Gate (doom / heavy metal)
Enemy Soil [2008] Casualties Of Progress (grindcore)
Exit-13 [2007] High Life! (grindcore)
Father Befouled [2010] Morbid Destitution of Covenant (death metal)
Hands of Orlac [2014] Figli del crepuscolo (doom metal)
Harvest Bell [2013] Wheel Of Foretaste (psychedelic rock)
High Confessions, The [2010] Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions (post rock)
Howl [2013] Bloodlines (stoner / sludge metal)
Incarnal [2014] Hexenhammer (death metal)
Inevitable End [2009] The Severed Inception (death metal / grindcore)
Infamy [1998] The Blood Shall Flow (death metal)
Kill the Client [2010] Set for Extinction (grindcore)
Kingdom Of Sorrow [2010] Behind the Blackest Tears (sludge metal)
Leng Tch'e [2007] Marasmus (grindcore)
Lunar Aurora [2004] Elixir of Sorrow (black metal)
Massappeal [2007] Nobody Likes A Thinker (hardcore)
Naumachia [2015] Machine Of Creation (melodic black / death metal)
Noisear [2011] Subvert the Dominant Paradigm (grindcore)
Parasytic [2010] Poison Minds (thrash metal / crust)
Primate [2012] Draw Back A Stump +3 (hardcore)
Rwake [2002] Hell Is a Door to the Sun (sludge / doom metal / experimental)
Rwake [2011] Rest (sludge / doom metal / experimental)
Saturnine [2015] Mors Vocat (blackened sludge / doom metal)
Sayyadina [2010] The Great Northern Revisited (grindcore)
Serpentine Path [2012] Serpentine Path (doom death metal)
Soilent Green [2005] Sewn Mouth Secrets & A String Of Lies (sludge / death metal)
Srogosc [2015] W Szalenstwie (black metal)
Steve Moore [2007] The Henge (dark ambient)
Suffocation [2009] The Close of a Chapter: Live in Quebec City (brutal / technical death metal)
Sun Dial [2010] Other Way Out (psychedelic rock)
Today Is The Day [2002] Sadness Will Prevail (hardcore)
Today Is The Day [2004] Kiss The Pig (grindcore)
Today Is The Day [2006] Temple Of The Morning Star (hardcore)
Tombs [2009] Winter Hours (post / black metal)
Unearthly [2011] Flagellum Dei (black / death metal)
Unearthly Trance [2006] The Trident (sludge doom)
Unearthly Trance [2008] Electrocution (sludge doom)
Unkind [2011] Harhakuvat (hardcore)
Unsane [2005] Blood Run (hardcore)
V/A [2009] Desolation House (dark ambient / industrial)
vidnaObmana [2004] Legacy (ambient)
Waldchengarten [2005] Electrical Bonding (dark ambient)
Weapon [2012] Embers and Revelations (death / black metal)
Zorormr [2015] Corpus Hermeticum (melodic black metal / dark ambient)

Back In Stock / Снова в наличии

Cephalic Carnage [2007] Xenosapien (technical geind death metal)
Coalesce [1999] 012-2 (metalcore)
Coalesce [2009] OX EP (metalcore)
ColdWorld [2008] Melancholie2 (black ambient)
Culted [2009] Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep (doom death)
Culted [2010] Of Death And Ritual (doom death)
Fall Of Every Season, The [2013] Amends (atmospheric doom / death metal)
Funeral [2012] Oratorium [Limited Edition 2CD] (doom death)
High On Fire [2005] Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival (stoner doom)
Kingdom Of Sorrow [2008] Kingdom Of Sorrow (sludge metal)
Lunar Aurora [1998] Seelenfeuer (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [1999] Of Stargates And Bloodstrained Celestial Spheres (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [2007] Andacht (black metal)
Lunar Aurora [2012] Hoagascht (black metal)
Mael Mordha [2004] Cluain Tarb (celtic doom)
Mael Mordha [2007] Gealtacht Mael Mordha (celtic doom)
Mael Mordha [2010] Manannan (celtic doom)
Mourning Beloveth [2001] Dust (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2002] The Sullen Sulcus (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2005] A Murderous Circus LTD (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2008] A Disease For The Ages (doom death)
Mourning Beloveth [2013] Formless (doom death)
Decay Of Reality 2014 Reality of Decay
Ennui 2012 Mze Ukunisa
My Shameful 2014 Hollow
My Shameful / Who Dies in Siberian Slush 2014 SplitCD - The Symmetry Of Grief


Forgotten Path [2014] Issue #6



18.03.2018 23:45:36 - ROME IN MONOCHROME "Away From Light" CD released
04.03.2018 21:49:40 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD released
18.02.2018 18:16:18 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD preorder
27.01.2018 16:00:49 - New arrivals / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD released
17.12.2017 12:33:14 - New year's SALE / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD preorder

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