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New Arrivals / Новые поступления

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New Releases / Новые релизы


art of silence



Canonis [2010] Apple Of Discord (ethereal gothic)




Sadael [2010] Essence (ambient funeral doom)



muhmood & ego ex nihil

Muhmood & Ego Ex Nihil [2010] Fictive Planets (dark ambient / post metal)

New Arrivals / Новые поступления
Dimidium Mei [2010] Flames Of Hatred (black metal)
Moredhel [2010] Satanik Endsieg (black metal)
Lykauges [2010] Under The Veil Of Depression (black metal)
Ignis Gehenna [2010] Revelations Of Sinister Rebirth (black metal)
Ars Goetia / Old Bones [2010] SplitCD - Ancient Sorceries And Old Relics (black metal)
Decayed [1996] Resurrectionem Mortuorum (black metal)
Doomed [2010] Doomed To Death And Damned In Hell (death / grind)
Funeral (USA) [2010] Funeral (death metal)
Nebelkorona [2007] Des Nachts In Tristen Nebeln (dark folk / ambient)
Sekhmet [2010] Opus Zrudy (black metal)
True Endless, The [2008] 1888 From Hell (black metal)
Uruk Hai [2008] Lost Songs From Middle Earth (cult dark ambient)
Aetherius Obscuritas [2009] Black Medicine / Fekete Orvossag (black metal)
Aldaaron [2010] Nous Reviendrons Immortels (pagan black metal)
Dark Celebration [2009] Phlegeton - The Transcendence Of Demon Lords (black metal)
Darkestrah [2008] The Great Silk Road (folk black metal)
God-Mechanic / Myself-Inflicted [2010] 2 Way SplitCD (death / grind)
Neophyte [2010] Fictional God (death metal)
Dinner Auf Uranos [2010] 50 Sommer 50 Winter (ambient psychedelic metal)
Mandrake [2010] Innocence Weakness (gothic metal)
Autumn Verses [1997] Tunes Of Disconsolation (melodic black death)
Evig Natt [2007] I Am Silence (gothic deah metal)
Wyrd [2003] Wrath & Revenge (pagan black metal)
Black Funeral [2010] Vukolak (black metal)
Infection Code [2007] Intimacy (post metal)
Moloch [2009] Depression Of Surtr (black metal)
Sidus Tenebrarum [2009] Born From The Dark Rib (black metal)
Simulacra [2010] There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood (dark ambient)
Aeternitas [2004] La Danse Macabre (gothic metal)
Charon [2000] Tearstained (gothic metal)
Project E.V.A. [2009] Shake My Pain (gothic / electro / industrial)
[R]evolution [2008] Hero Of New Day (gothic metal)
Kypck [2008] Cherno [Licence] (doom metal)
Atritas [2004] Where Witches Burnt (symphonic black metal)
Blessmon [2007] Under The Storm Of Hate (black metal)
Chadenn [2010] Aux Portes De La Mort (black metal)
Minhyriath [2010] Grohnd (folk death metal)
Rabenschrei / Wolfssang [2007] SplitCD (black metal)
Sadko [2009] Were Here Not In Vain (rock ballads)
Sieghetnar [2008] Erhabenheit (depressive black / ambient)
Skady [2009] Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht (folk black metal)
Stahlklang [2008] Bei Nacht Und Nebel (black metal)
Udainsakr [2003] Udainsakr (pagan black metal)
Valfeanor [2009] Noreia (atmospheric black metal)
Waldschein [2009] Verborgene Pfade (pagan black metal)
Paradise Lost [2008] The Anatomy Of Melancholy [Licence] (gothic doom)
Tiamat [2006] The Church Of Tiamat [Licence] (gothic metal)
1917 [2005] Neo Ritual (death metal)
1917 [2007] Vox Fatum (death metal)
Actual Music Quartet RSM [2007] Actual Music Quartet RSM (post rock)
Alfa Eridano Akhernar [2004] The Magnificent Rebirth Of A Mighty Old Empire (brutal death black metal)
Alfa Eridano Akhernar [2007] Aberrant Hate Icon (brutal death black metal)
Author & Punisher [2010] Drone Machines (drone doom)
Barbara [2007] Peger (sludge / grind)
Blasart [2008] The Art Of Blasphemy (black metal)
Bosch's With You [2007] Dreams That Come A Thing - Part One - Never Thought It May Seem (post rock)
Bosch's With You [2009] Wired Promise To Be (post rock)
Csejthe [2010] Transcendance (atmospheric black metal)
Dave Phillips [2010] ? (experimental ambient)
Dozelimit [2009] Constructions Of The Highest Architecture (dark ambient)
Effect Murder [2010] Architects Of Sense (death metal)
Endname [2009] Dreams Of A Cyclops (post metal)
Grave In The Sky [2007] Cutlery Hits China - English For The Hearing Impaired (industrial sludge doom)
Here Come’s The Kraken [2009] Here Come’s The Kraken (technical deathcore)
I Am Above On The Left [2006] An A-Bomb To Wake Up (avantgarde rock)
I Am Above On The Left [2010] Astro (avantgarde rock)
In Element [2006] Synthesis - Oscillating Through Waves Of Symmetry (melodic death metal)
Irmologion [2003] Irmologion (dark ambient)
Irmologion [2005] Dynatos (dark ambient)
Jesusmartyr [2007] The Black Waters (death thrash metal)
Joan Silver Pin [2006] Chiaroscuro (experimental post rock)
Kalutaliksuak [2008] Last Day Of Sun (avantgarde rock)
Kathaarsys [2005] Portrait Of Wind And Sorrow (progressive black metal)
Kintral [2003] Introversions From Insane Sceneries (black metal)
Lebenswelt [2006] Schon Eure Zahl Ist Frevel (dark ambient / experimental electronics)
Lost Soul [2009] Immersed In Infinity (technical death metal)
Masachist [2009] Death March Fury (death metal)
Mastabah [2010] Quintessence Of Evil (brutal death metal)
Morowe [2010] Pieklo. Labirynty. Diably. (avantgarde black metal)
Mountain Of Judgement [2009] Mountain Of Judgement (stoner doom)
Nahemah [2001] Chrysalis (symphonic black metal)
Nuclear [2008] 10 Broken Codes (thrash metal)
Psi Corps [2009] Tekeli-li (dark rock)
Sarcoma [2004] Visceral (death grind)
Serpent Christ [2008] Mortuus In Anima (death metal)
Seven That Spells [2005] My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma (avantgarde psychedelic rock)
Soulburner [2005] When Sanity Is Lost (death grind)
Ticket To Hell [2008] Man Made Paradise (death thrash metal)
Umbrae [2002] Infamous Revelations (melodic death metal)
Vir' [2008] Horna (drone doom)
Wisdom [2009] Sacra Privata (black metal)
Womba [2006] Evidence Of Letta (experimental ambient)
Woods Of Ypres [2002] Against The Seasons - Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat (folk black doom)
Woods Of Ypres [2004] Pursuit Of The Sun & Allure Of The Earth (folk black doom)
Woods Of Ypres [2007] Woods III - The Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues (folk black doom)
Woods Of Ypres [2009] Independent Nature 2002-2007 (folk black doom)
Woods Of Ypres / Necramyth [2009] Woods IV - The Green Album / Slaughter Of The Seoul (folk black doom / black death)
Astel Oscora [2009] Wormshire (atmospheric black metal)
Coprolith [2010] Cold Brief Relief (black death metal)
Devoid Of Grace [2010] Psychotic Journey (death trash metal)
Ikuinen Vaiva [2010] Charmi (crossover / metal)
Inhein [2010] Pestrapture (black metal)
Little Dead Bertha [2005] Way Of Blind (re-issue) (gothic metal)
Undermorphine [2010] Healing (chaotic deathcore/grindcore)
Boris [1996] Absolutego (cult drone doom)
Boris [1998] Amplifier Worship (cult sludge doom)
Boris [2005] Pink (experimental stoner doom)
Earth [2005] Hex: Or Printinh In The Infernal Method (drone rock)
Earth [2007] Hibernaculum (drone rock)
Glorior Belli [2007] Manifesting The Raging Beast (black metal)
Goatsnake [2000] Flower Of Disease (stoner doom)
Lair Of The Minotaur [2010] Evil Power (thrash doom metal)
Lurker Of Chalice [2005] Lurker Of Chalice (black metal / ambient)
Masakari [2010] The Prophet Feeds (hardcore)
Om [2007] Pilgrimage (stoner doom)
Orthodox [2007] Amenceer En Puerta Oscura (traditional doom metal)
Orthodox [2008] Gran Poder (sludge doom)
Pelican [2009] What We All Come To Need (sludge doom / post metal)
Saint Vitus [1989] V (traditional doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2002] Flight Of The Behemoth (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2004] White 2 (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) [2009] Monolith & Dimensions (drone doom metal)
Sunn O))) & Boris [2006] Altar (drone doom metal)
Thorr's Hammer [1996] Dommedagsnatt (sludge doom)
Thrones [2005] Day Late, Dollar Short (sludge drone doom)
Toadliquor [2003] The Hortator's Lament (sludge doom)
Twilight [2005] Twilight (depressive black metal)
Velvet Cacoon [2004] Genevieve (ambient black metal)
Weedeater [2007] God Luck And Good Speed (stoner sludge doom)
Wolves In The Throne Room [2007] Two Hunters (depressive black metal)
Wolves In The Throne Room [2009] Black Cascade (depressive black metal)
Matter Of Essence [2010] Time To Sow (doom death)
Black Wings [2010] Living Besides (melodic funeral doom)
Darkflight [2010] In A Breathless Flight (black doom)
Grand Astoria, The [2010] II (progressive stoner rock)
Radigost [2008] A Stellar Kingdom (atmospheric pagan black metal)
Shape Of Despair [2001] Angels Of Distress [Licence] (cult funeral doom)
Mael Mordha [2010] Manannan (celtic doom)
Eibon [2010] Entering Darkness (sludge doom)
Sig:Ar:Tyr [2010] Godsaga (accoustic folk metal)
Fall Of Empyrean [2010] A Life Spent Dying (doom death)
Nox Aurea [2010] Ascending In Triumph (gothic doom death metal)

Back in Stock / Снова в наличии
Ad Arma [2009] Volkermord (black metal)
Ahab [2006] The Call Of The Wretched Seas (funeral doom)
Ahab [2009] The Divinity Of Oceans (funeral doom)
Ascend [2008] Ample Fire Within (sludge drone doom)
Astra [2009] The Weirding (progressive rock)
Auaesuve [2010] Displaced And Uncharted (atmospheric funeral doom metal)
Burning Witch [2008] Crippled Lucifer (sludge doom)
Carnal [2009] Re-Creation (dark death doom metal)
Cathedral [1991] Forest Of Equilibrium (cult traditional doom)
Church Of Misery [2009] Houses Of The Unholy (stoner doom)
ColdWorld [2008] Melancholie2 (black ambient)
Cult Of Luna [2002] The Beyond (sludge / artcore)
Dissection [1993] The Somberlain (melodic black / death metal )
Dissection [1995] Storm Of The Lights Bane (melodic black / death metal )
Drudkh [2003] Forgotten Legends [remastered] (depressive pagan black)
Drudkh [2009] Microcosmos (depressive pagan black)
Earth [2008] The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull (drone rock)
Eibon [2008] Eibon (sludge doom)
Empty Playground [2010] Under Dead Skin (industrial death black metal)
Exxasens [2009] Beyond the Universe (post metal / rock)
Falls Of Rauros [2008] Hail Wind And Hewn Oak (folk black metal)
Forgotten Winter [2009] Dialectica Transcendental (black metal / ambient)
Khanate [2003] Things Viral (sludge drone doom)
Lebensessenz [2009] Tu, Deorum Hominumque Tyranne, Amor! (neoclassic ambient)
Longing For Dawn [2009] Between Elation & Despair (funeral doom)
Methadrone [2009] Better Living (Through Chemistry) (sludge / drone / rock)
Moon [2010] Devil’s Return (black metal)
Mourning Beloveth [2005] A Murderous Circus (doom death)
Mouth Of The Architect / Kenoma [2006] SplitCD (sludge / artcore)
Nadja [2008] Skin Turns To Glass (drone doom)
Necromimesis [2010] Ashk (depressive funeral doom metal)
Paradise Lost [1991] Gothic (CD+DVD) (doom death)
Shadowdream [2009] Part Of The Infinity (black metal / ambient)
Sig:Ar:Tyr [2008] Beyond The North Winds (accoustic folk metal)
Sunn O))) [1999] The GrimmRobe Demos (drone doom metal)
Thergothon [1994] Stream From The Heavens (cult funeral doom)
Trauma [2010] Archetype Of Chaos (death metal)
Unearthly Trance [2004] In The Red (sludge doom)
Urschrei [2009] Heidenzorn (pagan black metal)

Convivial Hermit [2010] Issue Five
Terroraiser [2010] N 2 (42)



07.04.2018 22:49:16 - DOOM:VS "The Dead Swan Of The Woods" T-shirt
24.03.2018 22:15:32 - New Arrivals / Rome in Monochrome CD released
18.03.2018 23:45:36 - ROME IN MONOCHROME "Away From Light" CD released
04.03.2018 21:49:40 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD released
18.02.2018 18:16:18 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD preorder

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