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SP. 068-12 Doomed – In My Own Abyss CD release

SP. 068-12 Doomed – In My Own Abyss

Release date 12/12/2012

Format: CD
Release Date: 12.12.2012
Country: Germany
Genre: Death Doom Metal

The second in the band history (and the first officially released) long-awaited album by a German project Doomed. «In My Own Abyss» presents uncompromising doom death metal of highest purity, harsh and aggressive, but featuring skillful arrangements which make this work complex and force a listener to play it again and again. At the same time the last track of the album present and outstanding in its depth, purity and force cover version of famous Russian traditional folk song «Oh You, Wide Steppe…»! And, of course, composer talent and excellent work of the only member of the band, Pierre Laube, as well as powerful and clean sound of the album are worth mentioning, finally making this Doomed release a classic one.

1. Downward
2. Alone We Stand
3. The Ancient Path
4. A Wall Of Your Thrones
5. Restless
6. Leave
7. Oh You, Wide Steppe…


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