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Wedding In Hades "Misbehaviour" CD released

BMM. 050-12 Wedding In Hades – Misbehaviour

Release date 16/04/2012

Format: CD
Release Date: 30.04.2012
Country: France
Genre: Gothic Metal Doom Death

The second album from French band demonstrates musicians’ progress in composing and technical aspects. Melodic and, at the same time, heavy «Misbehaviour» is filled with beautiful guitar solos, passages to aerial acoustic interludes and clean vocals, and violin parts performed by guest professional artist. Dark beauty of this album will become a perfect present to every fan of sensual heavy music. Finally, high recording quality highlights every feature of Wedding In Hades music.

1. Forsaken
2. Men to the Slaughter
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Dust in a Stranger’s Eyes
5. Regrets
6. The One to Blame
7. Almost Living (but not dead yet)
8. Men to the Slaughter (reprise)



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