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New arrivals / Новые поступления

New Arrivals
Agalloch [1999] Pale Folklore
Agalloch [2006] Ashes Against The Grain
Atolah [2009] Relics
Chertog Volka [2006] In the Lands Cold And Furious…
Deviator [2009] Mighty Black Inner Flame
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter [2008] Licht (USA Version)
Egoist [2009] Ultra-Selfish Revolution
Gathering, The [2008] A Noise Severe [2xDVD]
Gnat / Initial Chaos [2007] Split CD - 1_2 / Escape
Harza [2008] Eastern Front
Holdaar [2008] Birth Of Hero
Inhumane Deathcult [2009] On Behalf Of Satan
Initial Chaos [2007] Median Of Life... Terminate The Process
Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv [2009] No Links With…
Lordamor [2009] Lordamor
Na Rasputje [2009] The Throne Of Immortal Ones / Hammer Of Holocaust
Olde Crone [2009] Olde Crone
Opus Atlantica [2002] Opus Atlantica
Ordo Templi Orientis [2009] Dysphory [Part One]
Orodruin [2003] Epicurean Mass
Pale Divine [2003] Thunder Perfect Mind
Planet Gemini [2008] Wicked
Raskat [2008] Beyond Good And Evil
Saturnian Mist [2009] Repellings
Sieg [2002] Der Weg Zum Polarstern
Slow Death, The [2008] Slow Death, The
Smohalla - Immemorial [2009] SplitCD - Noyade Celeste
Smuta [2007] Smuta Krovi
Stormheit [2009] Caelic Weold Finnum
Teloch [2009] Morbid Prayer
Unsilence [2009] Under A Torn Sky
Weltkrieg [2008] Final Death
Wretched [2009] Black Ambience

Agalloch [2002] The Mantle
Dir En Grey [2008] Uroboros
Novembers Doom [2008] The Novella Vosselaar
Gathering, The [2005] A Sound Relief
Novembers Doom [1999] Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone Flowers (+3 bonus)
Virgin Black [2003] Elegant...And Dying
Dodsferd [2008] Denying With Arrogance Your Pathetic Existence
Our Survival Depends On Us [2009] Painful Stories Told With A Passion For Life
Night Must Fall [2008] Dissonance Of Thought

Novembers Doom [2007] The Wayfaring Chronicles

Reduced Price
Our Survival Depends On Us [2009] Painful Stories Told With A Passion For Life
Unsilence [2009] Under A Torn Sky
Planet Gemini [2008] Wicked
Lordamor [2009] Lordamor



18.03.2018 23:45:36 - ROME IN MONOCHROME "Away From Light" CD released
04.03.2018 21:49:40 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD released
18.02.2018 18:16:18 - New arrivals / Maze Of Feelings "s/t" CD preorder
27.01.2018 16:00:49 - New arrivals / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD released
17.12.2017 12:33:14 - New year's SALE / Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale CD preorder

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